A to Z Family Services Inc.

About Us

A to Z Family Services, Inc. consists of professionals committed to helping children and families experience a meaningful life.


  • Dr. Jack Newsome, PhD, LCPC
  • Rebecca Perrenoud, LCSW, ACADC
  • Amanda Meierhoff, LCSW
  • Angela Kelly, LMSW
  • Amy Peden, LPC
  • Brad Lambson, LMFT
  • Brooke Marshall, LPC
  • Carrie Burris, LMSW
  • Doty Collins, LCSW
  • Doug Best, LPC
  • Dallas Spencer, LCSW
  • Gavin Wells, CADC
  • Jill Ghering, LCSW
  • Michael Ludwig, LCSW
  • Tia Thomas, LCSW
  • Yesenia Lora-Salas, LSW, ISAS

Most Health Insurance, BPA, Medicaid, and Private Pay, Medicare